Dr. Frank Rosenkaimer MD

is an internist with specialisations in Oncology , Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine. He took a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene ( D.T.M.&H.) from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (UK) and a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine (Dip. Pharm. Med.) from the Royal College of Physicians ( Edinburgh - UK).

He spend 5 years in West-Africa as Medical Director of a teaching hospital and many months in various countries in Africa, Asia and South-America both as a medical doctor and an investigator in tropical diseases.

He worked in the international pharmaceutical industry for 15 years as Head of Section R&D in Oncology and Infectious Diseases/Parasitology and Tropical Medicine. His responsibilities included the coordination of the international R&D projects of the company as well as drug registration projects with FDA and the European Community.

Nearly 130 publications including presentations at international congresses resulted from these R&D activities.

Dr. Rosenkaimer is working as a consultant since 1995.

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